Wednesdays in May

reduction woodcut


Wednesdays from May 1 to 22, 2019, from 6pm to 9pm
Instructor: Richard Tetrault
Level: beginner to advanced
Most materials are provided

Designed for all levels of experience in printmaking, from beginners to advanced levels, this workshop will cover the basics of relief printmaking, including tools, sharpening, papers, inks, colour mixing and registration technique. Incorporating a range of chisels, gouges and other tools, the workshop will explore some of the textural possibilities that can be achieved in woodblock printing.

Participating artists will create a full-color print through the reduction process. Starting from a concept drawn onto a block (Pine or Baltic birch plywood) a sequence of colors will be printed by reducing/cutting away the relief surface. A small edition of four-color prints will result. During the four evenings of this workshop, participants will develop their own design, translate it to the block, carve, ink and print their edition.

Students are asked to bring to the first class a sketch/ rough idea for their print (9”X12” size). All other materials are provided.

Richard Tetrault is a Vancouver printmaker, painter and muralist. He has exhibited his work locally and internationally and taught for years at UBC and Malaspina Print Co-operative.

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